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    McGee Law Firm, LLC

  • What We Do

    McGee Law Firm, LLC provides legal services in the areas of business planning, corporate & securities law

    and real estate. McGee Law was founded by Jonathan M. McGee, JD, CPA.

    Business Formation and Planning

    For Entrepreneurs, Startups and Existing Companies

    We advise entrepreneurs on choice of entity (e.g., LLC or Corporation) draft the necessary entity formation documents, draft operating and shareholder agreements, obtain employer identification numbers and review of other licenses and permits which may be required. Examples include:

    • LLC Articles of Organization
    • LLC Operating Agreements
    • Corporate Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
    • Partnership Agreements
    • Buy-Sell Agreements

    Business Operations & Agreements

    For LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships and Entrepreneurs

    We advise and counsel business entities on various operational matters and transactions, including business agreements, employment matters and regulatory compliance. Examples services include:

    • Vendor’s Contracts, Sales Agreements and Service Agreements
    • Employment Agreements and Independent Contractor Agreements
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Lease Agreements
    • License Agreements
    • Confidentiality and Invention Assignment Agreements
    • Purchase and Sale Agreements

    Corporate and Securities Law

    For Public and Private Companies, Shareholders & Investors

    Public Companies:

    We can assist and advise our clients in their procurement of capital, private equity offerings, public offerings, registration statements and SEC reporting.


    Investors & Shareholders:

    We assist and advise investors and shareholders with regard to restricted stock, public resales and investment in public and private companies.


    Private Companies:

    We advise and counsel private business entities on fundraising and private placement offerings.

    Real Estate

    For Companies, Property Owners, Developers & Investors

    We advise clients on commercial real estate matters, including purchase and sale transactions, real estate development, financing and commercial leasing.

  • Who We Are


    Jonathan M. McGee, Esq. 


    Jonathan M. McGee is an attorney authorized to practice law in Arizona, California and Nevada; he is also a certified public accountant in the State of Arizona. Mr. McGee practices in the areas of business law, corporate law, securities, real estate and commercial transactions. Mr. McGee earned his J.D. from Arizona State University where he was a member of the Arizona State Law Journal and served as co-director of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program. Mr. McGee earned his B.S. in Accounting from the University of Arizona. Mr. McGee is a member of the American Bar Association, State Bar of Arizona, State Bar of Nevada and State Bar of California.

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